Wednesday, November 30, 2005

conference blogging - CMTC - iPods across the curriculum

CMTC 2005
Stephanie Estes, South Portland High School (Maine) Special Superstar Apple Technology Educator.

“There’s a coolness factor to an iPod” (I say this all the time, and my coworkers shrug me off and laugh at me - so it was nice to hear my words come out of someone else's mouth.)

Using ipods for recording oral exams for world languages – kids just step out into the hall, record for a few minutes, come back in, pass it off to the next kid. On average, every two weeks. 5 world languages teachers share 2 ipods. Before, oral exams only done twice a year because it was a long involved project.

Local oral history projects.

Audio tour of neighborhoods – uploaded to community website.

NHS students reading books – creating audiobooks – chapters reflect actual chapters in book – ok copyrightwise according to people in the room if you don’t distribute and if you own a physical copy of the book.

One audience member shared examples – has so integrated it into the classroom that the kids are asking/letting the teacher know when they should be recording – kids read their own written work aloud, want it recorded to hear again – special guests come and read books, kids suggest that it be recorded so they can listen later.

Got my hands on an ipod video for a few moments – tres cool. Video is so clear. Bright enough for daylight. Sold.

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