Sunday, January 28, 2007

A free speech/fair use/satire case at Binghamton U.

Pipe Dream on the Web

The question centers around the use of the University's and art gallery's logo and design and whether it it fair use not in terms of education but in terms of parody and satire.

I find it a bit chilling that they simply shut off the creator's electronic access w/in the university system - no email, no access to her files. How does one stay a member of a University community, for 4 months so far, w/o these forms of communication? W/o these tools that are so integrated into our lives?

Saturday, January 27, 2007

public domain images

found via Lifehacker

As a librarian and an educator, I am all over responsible use and re-use of media. Thanks, Wikipedia, for making it easy and keeping it real:

Wikipedia:Public domain image resources

Friday, January 26, 2007

Monday, January 15, 2007

LibraryThing does Novel List - and it's free

Suggester is Library Thing's Novel List. I say on the whole it is just as good - it is much much faster - no log in, no seven screens to nav through - although you don't get the ability to customize things like subject headings you care about v. those you don't. Given all the options though, you end up with a fast and good starting place for book suggestions/readers' advisory. Novel List is nothing more than that - a starting place - anyway. And, LibraryThing being as fun as it is, there's the Unsuggester (bad recommendations), too.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

2 items of note from the Praxis

I took my Praxis a week ago, an odd experience given that the GRE is way harder, but I need it in pursuing alt certification in NH to speed up the process of getting a decent paying job.

  • the Dewey Decimal system helped me get two answers right. Two questions involved comparing long numbers with multiple digits after the decimal point, like 456.9819 and 456.99. If not for shelving, these questions would have taken me a while to figure out (to put it mildly, I am a late bloomer in math).
  • On the essay section, in the second sentence I wrote, I used the word skilz. Literally, I typed skilz for skills. I don't end all my words in z or misspell often in type, but I do use the word skilz, especially in reference to mad skilz, ninja librarian skilz, etc. It all comes from a Croatian who lived in the same boarding house as I did (over ten years ago now) in DC when I was interning at the American Folklife Center at the LOC. Thankfully, I picked up on my use of skilz in the wrong context quickly (like 2 sentences later). I could only laugh and chide myself for being a big dork.