Monday, April 13, 2009

notes on Millenials as learners from LESCN 4/1/09

  • collaborate with their parents
  • world is open 24/7
  • pressured by work-integrated into home as modeled by parents
  • enveloped in a world where confidence is emphasized, they are guided and secure: greater safety net
  • hopeful goal + achievement oriented, civic minded
  • inclusive: 31% minority, used to being organized into teams, no one left behind norm. As educators, we need to push more independent work so they can be self-sufficient learners as well as team learners
  • read: Neil Howe Millennials Rising
  • Parallel process + multi-task. Takeaway: instead of 1 task for 20 min, launch 2 tasks at once for 40 minutes (LH "have-to" day)
  • Graphics BEFORE text. Graphic organizers integrated into lesson, always on the wall throughout, nonlinguistic representations
  • Marzano 9 strategies
  • authentic, real world context
  • mutimedia does not produce lazy learners
  • overview of learning in a graphic organizer that stays up throughout learning
  • ask for feedback/give feedback/formative assessments
  • let failure be ok, have to establish that as a culture in your classroom