Wednesday, November 30, 2005

conference blogging - Christa McAuliffe - Moodle

CMTC 2005
Daryl Hawes presenting on Moodle, opensourse web-based course management system, to a totally packed house - floor sitting space only.

  • Available online but really need a local server.
  • - free support and very strong online community
  • - business side
  • Instant Messaging! within the class - also just general messaging - so I can see who else in my class in online right now, and message with them - also, I can send them a message and they can either get it when the login or they can set their preferences to have those messages emailed. HOT! (and I really really really want it for my own online learning - ecollege bleck)
  • RSS feeds (created by Daryl himself) Also something I want.
  • Coming soon - blogs and podcasting features
  • Read/Unread tracking that narrows it down to the actual conversation (Daryl uses the word 'forum') and highlights it for you.
  • coming soon - better wiki module
  • set preferences for emails whenever something new (a post, a news item, etc.) appears. You don’t have to check if there is something new, it tells you and then you go read it.

A lot of my enthusiasm here is not how could this be applied to mpow in the near future, but how realizing for the 20th time how crappy my courseware for grad school, ecollege, is.

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