Thursday, November 30, 2006

CMTC2006 - Look Mom, No Binder: eportfolio considerations, Royce Roberts

  • there are lots of options - this is not the only way to do it -
  • what do we want out of this? we want students to be able to represent themelves in a number of ways, "representation of professional self" - curricular, extracurricular,
  • FEAT - functional, educational, administrative, technical
  • strikes at the heart of assessment
  • functional - tool itself, 'click paths'
  • educational - curriculum, scope, sequence, purpose
  • administrative - policy, budget, planning
  • technical - system conditions, requirements, infrastructure

  • cycling through artifacts, standards, and reflections
    • choose the artifact - what form? best work or baseline for growth?
    • choose the standard - details of the standard? natural fit?
    • reflect on the artifact and standard
  • educational
    • 'formal learning'
    • what gets taught where - standards, curriculum map
    • students are evaluating how their work fits into the standards themselves
  • focus the purpose - don't water it down to try to serve all purposes
  • common or custom - depends on what you'd like to get out of it. really, custom is the way to go -
  • iWebfolio is the tool they use
  • pros and cons to most every design template
  • formal review tied to the advising process
  • timeline - add, reflect, review - add, reflect, review - add, reflect, review

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